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StellaSwap is one of the automated market-making (AMM), decentralized exchanges (DEX) for the Moonbeam parachain network.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0xda782836b65edc4e6811c7702c5e21786203ba9dStellaSwap: 4pool LP V10 GLMR911
0x9de8171bebfa577d6663b594c60841fe096eff97StellaSwap: Acala - GLMR Rewarder V1106.99051278 GLMR7
0xb7b5d3659ad213478bc8bfb94d064d0efdda8f7cStellaSwap: Acala Rewarder V10 GLMR3
0x35dafcc81c3b68fc56840705358c5d12fcf719a3StellaSwap: Amplification Utilities V10 GLMR1
0xb86271571c90ad4e0c9776228437340b42623402StellaSwap: anyETH-madETH Pool0 GLMR2,275
0xe60c41de5537418fde05b804df077397dfa84d75StellaSwap: ATOM - GLMR - GLMR Rewarder V10 GLMR5
0x5aa224966e302424ec13a4f51b80bcfc205984b6StellaSwap: ATOM - GLMR Rewarder New V11,422.29707304 GLMR4

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