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Collators are full nodes on the Polkadot Network that are present both on parachains and the main Relay Chain. Their main purpose is to maintain parachains by collecting parachain transactions and producing state transition proofs for validators on the Relay Chain. Collators can access all state transition information necessary for authoring new blocks and executing transactions.

A total of 70 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x6faf9f07d12d68a3685d34f3262383df40bd35cd255 DAO 21,699.76812381 GLMR22
0x02b8d54a9a7b4f408a5d46d7f9ff1b5f1d370504ACV Validator2.67842697 GLMR2
0x52422a4ac7acecc1a096fecce01aaab404ae7ba4afurmanets7.31764224 GLMR5
0xfc1084962de75e1480bbbb5a0909fe8e1498977dALFASTAKE66,446.89926382 GLMR0
0xc38bcf2eed198e072a92e66435dd1157364c3e7cBerryStake Lab34,747.83106462 GLMR10
0xb15f8d5c222c5998451f34882e3da4ad5c2b3165Binance: Staking 112,194.06085822 GLMR1
0xb6758e748f5d76b8b1264f9b907d8675da52c97cBinary Holdings62,416.31122224 GLMR3
Sum of 7 Accounts115,098.55537968 GLMR40

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